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for Waste management companies

Motivate better sorting.

Enable users to reduce environmental impact.

With better data, waste management companies can optimize operations and work more purposefully to help users improve waste sorting.

Removing vendor lock-in

Carrot works with your existing infrastructure, enabling any waste management company to benefit from technological advances.


Get statistics related to the proportion of sorted waste alongside the quantity of different waste types.


A dashboard with full overview of infrastructure, waste types, households, app users and events.

Pay-As-You-Throw solutions

By connecting households to their waste streams, fees can be calculated based on usage, creating incentives for users to sort more.

Carrot for households

When your local waste management company starts using Carrot, you will get access to our app for households. With the app, you can track how you contribute to more sustainable use of our planet's resources.

Frequently asked questions

Results show a 9% reduction in collected residual waste after implementing Carrot in Bergen.

Collected plastic

28% increase

Residual waste

9% reduction

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Selected clients

Olav Thon Gruppen
Karlander Eiendom

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