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Rewarding returns

Carrot is a software that uncovers valuable resources in waste. We do this by rewarding better waste sorting based on data about who throws what - a bit like a carrot.

Sorting should count for more.

Paying a fixed fee for waste management is today’s normal - no matter the effort you put into sorting the waste. Carrot helps distribute fees more fairly based on who throws what, and reduce cost for those who make an effort.

With Carrot, companies can create even more waste categories and resell waste as resources to producers. This way, we create more circular materials and help shift our world in a more sustainable direction.

Data showing it counts.

Carrot’s software and app gives you data on everything that goes into the waste and who threw it. This gives companies a solid foundation for simplified and more efficient sustainability reporting.

For waste management companies, the data could be utilized to improve logistics and infrastructure, in addition to reducing waste altogether.

For end users - the app shows that their effort counts. Contributing to a more sustainable future feels rewarding.

We help you get started - no matter the equipment you are using today.

When you start using Carrot, we connect you with a range of solutions, and you choose freely which additional infrastructure solutions you want to connect to.

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Rewarding returns

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