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Closing the circularity gap by rewarding sustainable behaviour.

Our software collects data about waste and helps uncover valuable resources by incentivizing users for more sustainable behavior - a bit like a Carrot.

Create sustained positive change

Motivate users to make more sustainable choices by rewarding waste reduction and improved sorting.

Target actions and improvements

Help those with the potential to improve, and understand which improvement efforts actually make a difference.

Get started where you are today

Start with your existing equipment or access the booming world of smart infrastructure using our pre-built integrations.

Break down data silos

Stop worrying about systems that refuse to speak together, letting our flexible APIs ease sustainability reporting and data flows.

Go from waste to resources

Empower users to take part in the circular economy by finding the optimal receiver for all types of used resources.

Real estate

Uncover valuable resources

We collect data about who throws what to motivate and reward waste sorting efforts. Find the optimal receiver for used resources and open the door to new revenue streams.

Discover how

Waste management companies

Motivate better sorting

Get a full overview of infrastructure, resources, and user data, and use insights to reward and motivate sustainable behavior.

Discover how

Turning waste into value

Capturing data about waste allows us to extend the life of materials and change our perception of its value. By rewarding people for what they return, we're creating a world of circular materials.

Discover how

Collecting data about waste at Vestkanten Storsenter enabled more sustainable choices and a significant increase in the sorting rate.

Before Carrot

54% sorting rate

After Carrot

72% sorting rate

Read the case study

Selected clients

Olav Thon Gruppen
Karlander Eiendom

Help us turn waste into resources.

Discover how Carrot can transform the way you treat waste.

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