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Our Why

The world's waste problem has never been bigger.

Every year, more than two billion tonnes of additional waste is added to the problem, representing one of the largest threats to our environment.

At the same time, the world is rapidly running out of resources.

Hang on.

That surely sounds like a paradox?

It is. And the good news is that a circular economy is the solution to both problems. The bad news is that it hasn't really worked.

According to the 2022 Circularity Gap Report, only 7.2 percent of what we consume goes back into the circular loop.

For a circular economy to work, people and companies need to have a motivation to make more sustainable choices.

They need to have a Carrot.

In too many cases, you don't even know how much waste you generate. And we all know it's difficult to improve something that's not measured.

A lack of information leads to a lack of accountability.

Data can change this forever.

At Carrot, we are on a mission to close the circularity gap by using data to reward sustainable behaviour.

Carrot data changes how people think about waste.

It creates engagement on a topic that has been in desperate need of it.

And it enables pay-as-you-throw models where waste reduction comes with a reward.

This way, Carrot data helps the world's resources stay in the loop.

We have already saved thousands of tonnes of waste, and we're only just getting started.

Join our journey towards a circular world fueled by data.

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