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for Real estate

More sustainable buildings through engagement and accountability.

Tenant-specific waste data

Carrot empowers properties with tenant-specific waste data in near real-time, helping property managers and their tenants meet reporting requirements, reduce costs and minimise their carbon footprint.


Pre-built integrations allow you to choose freely based on the best available infrastructure solutions.

Tenant app

Motivate and help tenants improve their waste sorting by tracking and showing them the results of their positive actions.


The intuitive dashboard provides an overview of infrastructure, resources, user data, and actionable insights.


Get detailed reports of trends and developments at a portfolio, building, type of business, or tenant level.

Product features

Cost structure


Charge for what is thrown away by connecting tenants to their waste streams.

Incentives and feedback

Create incentives and target follow-up

Reward users with good results, and help those with the potential to improve understand what actions to take.

Impact transparency

Measure and report on sustainability efforts

Connect your various data sources and compare, measure, and report on recycling rates across malls, retailers, and other building segments.


Infrastructure independent

Pre-built integrations for access management, sensors, scales, and other electronics allow you to choose the best available infrastructure solutions.


Access new revenue streams

A full overview of what resources are available for reuse, repurposing, or resale. Find the optimal receiver of different materials.

Carrot for tenants in buildings

Are you a tenant? When Carrot is used in your building, you will get access to our tenant app. The app lets you track the waste your company generates so you can understand how you compare and how to improve.

Vestkanten Storsenter used Carrot to improve their recycling behavior and reduced their yearly residual waste by 120 000 kilos.

Before Carrot

270.000 kg/year

After Carrot

150.000 kg/year

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Selected clients

Olav Thon Gruppen
Karlander Eiendom

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